Monday, May 16, 2022

Planet Earth and Her Shadow

Our planet has a rather insubstantial shadow, don't you think? A mere veil. Not at all like our own shadow on the sidewalk, say. I love lunar eclipses. You can look right at them without going blind. The next full moon lunar eclipse here where I live won't be until November--and it will be at an inconvenient hour--which is to say when I hope to be asleep. There won't be another until 2025. Who the heck knows where I'll be in 2025. Still on the planet Earth, with a little luck. Speaking of luck--
If a tree falls on your house, will you hear it? Maybe. Maybe not if the tornado sirens are wailing and the wind is roaring and you're in the basement with the weather channel turned up loud. Yes. There were some big noises, but I have to say I didn't really yell, OMG a tree just fell on my house!!! But it didn't sever our power line (not even our party lights!) Didn't take out the air conditioning or any of the ductwork. Didn't break the window or put an actual hole in the roof for rain to come pouring in. That said, I'm super frustrated with the insurance company. But mostly grateful that I'm not looking for temporary lodgings.
Sadly, my old table did not survive. In what seems like another lifetime when this table lived in my dining room, there were many fine meals there with many fine people. Two of the finest of those people are no longer on the the planet. They seem as far away as the moon. And yet very, very close.


Donna said...

Oh No!! SO glad no one was hurt!!
I know what you mean about the ones no longer with us...I miss mine too.
Hope the insurance company gets busy for you!

Sandra said...

I have returned to blogging this year, I am glad to see you are still here. I'm sorry about the tree, but thankful no one was hurt. I watched the eclipse, I don't think I ever have until this one. Good luck with the insurance.

S Kay Murphy said...

Oh no... the table... all those memories... Thank goodness you had the presence of mine way back when to take photos. And of course, the main thing is, no one was hurt by the tree falling. Whew. Nature. Don't mess with her. Hope we're both around to watch the 2025 eclipse... and write about it.

Elizabeth said...

I remember those beautiful people and am grateful to have known them, however briefly. Sending love your way, Denise, and gratitude for the way you hold memory and share it.