Thursday, March 19, 2020

Leaving Coronaville/Day 7

We all live in Coronaville. 
And we can't leave. 
View from my desk.

Our governor, Tim Walz, was quoted in this morning's paper as saying that Minnesotans need to view this pandemic not as a blizzard, but as a winter. If it doesn't snow where you are, insert your own weather metaphor. Not as a wildfire, but as hell. Not as a hurricane, but as ....I dunno. A washing machine stuck in the spin cycle...for months?

I went to my paper making internship (because I work alone in a huge space) yesterday and spent seven hours dipping handmade paper into a vat of indigo. When I wasn't doing that I was spraying down handmade ochre paper for flattening. Ochre and indigo are two excellent colors to spend time with during a pandemic, I think. 

And my boss gave me an old scanner which I hope will function with my vintage macbook air. That would be swell. 

I've been calling friends. Have a date to FaceTime with more friends tonight. Gonna keep doing that.

The teaching myself to draw is crazy. After a couple of days, I realized I couldn't figure this out without help. I bought "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain." And I'm very excited. What the author has to say about drawing is stupendously good. I just thought it was innate talent--that I don't have. You just need the skill set, she says. I hope she's right and I'm wrong. It's like learning to read, she says. 

The first assignment is to make three pre-instruction drawings. OMG.

How are you? What are you doing? How do you feel? Tell me.


Ms. Moon said...

I feel like I, too, need projects and new things to challenge my brain. I can feel myself sort of drifting towards depression and Lord knows that's not what I want right now. Thank you for being inspirational in this regard, Denise.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh! I have this book by Lynda Barry on my bedside that I've been dying to read (but forgot) every since I heard her on some radio show talking about it. She says much the same thing about drawing as you've said here. You should check it out.

Julesarose said...

I have two copies of "The Artist's Way." Let me know if you want one and I can drop it off for you. I'm currently reading 3 books: The "Water Dancer", "Inside a Pearl", and Adam Platt's "The Book of Eating" Oh! and The subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck".