Friday, April 9, 2021

Full-immunity day

I'm now as immune from Covid-19 as I can be. It feels great. It will feel even greater when everyone I love can say the same.

My new immune life will not be like my pre-Covid life. I have no plans to fly or go to the theatre--the idea of doing those things makes me profoundly uncomfortable right now. I have no plans to dine indoors until Minnesota has reached full herd-immunity, and sadly, I won't be hanging out in a bar right now--unless there are sidewalk tables--or maybe if everyone is older (and presumably vaccinated)? But, I'm gonna do a lot of other stuff. So much stuff. 

And in case you're wondering if I make any happy collages, I do. See above.

And here's another one. But I'm posting my 33-divorce collages on Instagram one at a time. It's the final purge of all that.

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Elizabeth said...

Your collages are magnificent!