Thursday, March 25, 2021

33 Collages....about my divorce


I've been over the break-up of my marriage so many times I've lost count. Over means over--until that feeling is over. And then there you are again. In it.

When I found out that the Someone intended to terminate (in fact had terminated) my alimony at the end of 2020, I dropped into feeling it all again. Add in a pandemic, a quarantine, and a recent interest in all things book arts--and here you have it. One collage for every year spent with someone I never really knew. 

These individual collages are not meant to each sum up a particular year, but simply reflect my thoughts and feelings in the moment of making them. 

And  of course, “These are works made of paper. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.”  I might add that life often feels as fragile as paper and seems quite dependent on coincidence.

In a day or two I hope to sign the official paper that says I expect no more alimony. It turns out that the Someone is not only completely retired, he's in ill-health. 

As this final collage of the series reflects, I'm ready to move on.

Light a Candle and Move On


Kath said...

I, too, wonder when I will no longer re-visit my decision to divorce. My Someone died ten years ago this spring, and I still wonder what my responsibility is to our kids. Now I am the sole interpreter of our history, and it has silenced me more than when he would have had a voice. The future is no more clear than the past on that point.

Dignity. You have always had it.

Sending you persistence and calm.

Ms. Moon said...

Those collages are a volume of artistic expression. They really are something quite special.
So are you, Denise.

Elizabeth said...

I think you are incredible, Denise. A model for me in many ways. I love you and miss you. Your art -- your collage, your writing, all that you do to love your family, your friends, your lovers -- is sublim.

37paddington said...

Extraordinary collages, Denise. I think you should publish them in one volume, with an essay on your journey to healing, and healing again. Wonderful creative approach to therapy.