Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Breaking up with Mr. Zio

Mr. Zio is my heart monitor. We've been close these past two weeks, investigating all of the pings and rattles. Anxiety? Not anxiety? Who knows these days, right? But tomorrow, I peel him off my chest and send him packing in a box. Such wonders modern medicine provides! I'm a little fuzzy about what happens after that, but I'm sure there'll be some sort of report. How are you, dear reader? What's pinging and rattling in your life? I'm obsessed with making collages. No art background. Just pandemic online heart-saving classes. I'm mystified by the glues and finishes. I like my finished work to be smooth. I don't want wrinkles. I don't want shine. But I put together these masterpieces with all kinds of snippets, and some papers like one type of glue with other papers like another.
These two collages seem to me to be about luck. Luck feels like such a mover and a shaker to me these days. I'm planning a party--a missed major milestones party. I've ordered food and cakes (one cake for each of the four big occassions we've missed.) My son and his family are traveling from Phoenix. Hey, Southwest Airlines, I'm imploring you NOT to cancel that flight. Because 38 tacos. Because four cakes. Because I have not seen them for more than two years. I'm just so shocked every time I think or say that. More than two years. For god sake, dear pilots, I've already put the extra boards in the table.
Dear everyone, wishing you luck with your endeavors.


37paddington said...

I hope you have a wonderful party. I look forward to the pictures, visual or literary. Your collages are beautiful, wonderful perspective, no art training needed!

S Kay Murphy said...

Keep us posted on what the heart monitor relays (or the technicians who read its input).

In the meantime: Goodness, enjoy the visit! My son was here on Labor Day weekend--first time I'd seen him in a year and a half. He only lives 7 hours away in the Bay Area, and in normal years I see him every few months. But the damn pandemic.... Enough said. Hug those folks coming your way for extra long to make up for the time lost!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful art!