Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bird of the Day

Let's start with yesterday's bird:

Staking out a nest in a dead palm tree, the hawk refused to budge while two ravens lost their minds circling round and round.

Today a turkey vulture and some gulls fought it out over a sea lion carcass on the sand. I'd never seen a turkey vulture on the beach before, but they are pretty unmistakable. I can't think of another bird that is more emblematic of death. Nature's dracula-winged clean-up crew.

Say what you want about spring. Renewal and rising from the dead, birds chirping, bunnies doing what bunnies do. Yes, go ahead and picture this:

It's there right outside my window. And it's part of the story. But Mother Nature likes to clean her house too. Now excuse me while I throw another load of bedding into the washing machine.