Thursday, August 15, 2019

The white squirrel and the moon

The moon nearly knocked me over on the way home last night. I looked up and there it was, its light transforming my condo building into a temple. I stopped and texted a friend, "Moon!"
"Sky!" he texted back.
"Yes!" I texted.
Moon, you were worthy of  all those exclamation points.

Yesterday morning's walk revealed its own amazing sight--a pure white squirrel (SO sorry about this photo--you'll have to trust that it's the snowy blur streaking between the trees) frolicking in Gold Medal Park. One of my daughters had told me recently about the white squirrel in her neighborhood. It's not that I didn't believe her, but I figured I'd have a better chance of running across a great white shark in the Mississippi.

When I got home, I asked scientist Google and found THIS. Read it. Watch the video. Go ahead, go down the white squirrel rabbit hole. And if you have a real camera and take real photos, I hope you'll post to the website. 

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Birds of the day

I ran into some wild turkeys on my walk this morning. The avian version of the coyote, wild turkeys have adapted well to urban life--or at least here in the Twin Cities. They flapped and walked toward me as I scurried across the street.

A couple hours later, I was privileged to see the release of some rehabilitated green herons and a redwing blackbird that had been nursed back to health by a local wildlife center.
If you've been to this blog before, you know I'm most definitely NOT a photographer, but I take pictures anyway.

Maybe 40 people showed up to see the release. We gathered on a viewing platform around a marsh. The carriers were opened, and off the birds flapped.

All of them hung out in a nearby tree. Maybe it was hard to believe that they were really, truly free.