Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Morning Beach Report: a tall ship, clouds, and beach glass

San Salvador leaves the harbor

She nears the mouth of the harbor--and in black and white below so you can see the moon in the morning sky.

And she's out to sea.
I drove north a mile or two, hoping to catch a glimpse with the sails unfurled, but she was already a mere shadow in the fog, far from shore.

Nice clouds, though. 

And a ton of beach glass. All colors, including a rare piece of red and a large chunk from the neck of a bottle.

And now, I have a ton of paperwork to tend to so I can re-fi my house. I have a short story to finish editing, and an essay to send out a few more places, and another essay to put the finishing touches on, and an essay I want to write with a September 30 submission deadline. Wish me luck. And good luck to you with your day. Remember to stand up and stretch, okay?

P.S. Thanks for the love and kind words re my mom's birthday. Last night's party was beautiful. We toasted her. And my friend Carol blew out the candles on her cake via Skype (with a little help from us.)

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mom.

If the dead can still get mail, if their things can fall out of the closet onto your toes, if they can visit you in dreams, if you can hear their voices inside your head, you can wish them happy birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom. 

Last year's birthday breakfast cupcake.

Last year's birthday party for my mom and my dear friend Carol

Birthday, 2012 just a few weeks after my mom moved in with me.
I'm not quite sure, but this may have been the last birthday she celebrated with her beloved twin sister Millie.
We very rarely know which birthday will be the last. So let's love the cake, and the guests, and the singing. Let's love the love that comes to us on our own birthdays and those of the people we love, be it in the form of gifts or people traveling from afar to share the day. Taste the sweetness. Feel the warmth from the candles. Soak up the glow. Reflect it back.

In a short while, I'm off to celebrate my friend Carol's birthday. She will be there via Skype while a half dozen of us party in person. We will eat and make merry, and celebrate the living and the dead.