Sunday, August 30, 2015

Report from Pillville: How to plan

1) Fill the pillboxes for the next two weeks as if you are sure they will be needed.

2) Thank M and her friend for cleaning up your mom's coffee spills while you were at yoga.

3)  Thank M and her friend for making your mom another piece of toast when she forgot she'd eaten the first one.

4) Spill your own full cup of a perfect latté all over your stack of journals, your lamp, your end table and the white chair in your bedroom.

5) Clean up your mess, but decide that the slipcover to the chair can be spot cleaned, not removed and washed.

6) Talk to your other daughter on the phone about getting her grandmother to Iowa (or not) about getting her into a nursing home in a timely fashion there (or not) about you staying in Iowa longer than planned (or not).

7) In the same conversation decide to take your mom's wheelchair to Iowa. (duh) Decide that the daughter's husband will pick you up from the airport in Minnesota and take you to the airport hotel so your mom can rest before the drive the next day. Decide to get just one room for the two of you. Joke about hiring an exorcist to eliminate the possibility of middle of the night shrieks and hollers.

8) Throw the slipcover in the washing machine. Remove the towel from the bottom of the lamp. Note to self: be careful when switching the lamp on later.

9) Realize that your mom has picked new wounds into the skin on her arms while you wrote this post. And then wonder why the anti-anxiety med worked the first day of the picking, but doesn't seem to be working now.

10) Wonder when you might see this man you love again. Go over the plans and try to make peace with potential failure of said plans.

11) Realize that you started this post an hour ago.

12) Ponder your goals for today: Unsubscribe  to a few more emails. Pay the overdue water bill. Or not.

13) Make peace with sitting on the patio with your mom so you can suggest more ointment if she starts picking at her skin again.

12) Look forward to everything by planning nothing. Let go. Let go. Let go.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Oh, This Feast!

My heart and head were in a whirl--the camera saw that. 
That's Pete ladling Gazpacho into a punch cup while I stand at the ready to re-fill the bowl.
The rest of the menu is below: Mussels, clams, smashed cucumber salad, fruit salad, cubes of feta garnished so prettily they looked like petits fours. There was homemade hummus and little add-ons for the gazpacho. There were brownies and a Greek cake topped with nuts and cinnamon and powdered sugar. There was ice cream and espresso. There were 14 of us feasting and it was perfect.

 There was also my friend Nomi, who knows how to capture a moment.

And the next night there were leftovers for Pete and my mom and me. 
The gazpacho grew even more delicious.

Everything got better and better and better.