Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Fire/Day Nine. Really? Yep.

Mountains, I thought. I can see the mountains! Sure there's some smoke, but it looks good out there.
And, yes the situation is improving if you're not someone whose house has burned down or is still evacuated, BUT the fire is still burning.

The night the fire started a friend in Ojai got the emergency knock on her door at 1:00 a.m. Earlier she'd offered shelter to a friend who was evacuating from Santa Paula. A few days ago other friends who were evacuated from Ojai decided to go to Santa Barbara for a few days to escape the smoke. Then the fire spread and  now that's where the worst pollution is. Or maybe not today. Maybe it all blew down here.

I went to run some errands under this morning's rosy assumption. When I got out of the car at the shoe repair about 5 miles north, I choked. Ash blew into the car. The second errand was a half mile to the east from my house and the air was clear. But my neighborhood looked like this. Smoke goes wherever it wants to.

I'm inside now and I think I'll stay in. There's a big wide world beyond my front door, but I'm not going there.

Yesterday and this morning I pulled 44 pounds of paper out of my filing cabinet and had it shredded. I've dusted all the places I never dust. I've refurbished my emergency backpack, ordered some emergency water with a long shelf life, re-organized my writer's space,  Earlier evenings of the fire, I made dinners for friends, and tonight seems like a good time to do that again. Ratatouiile would be perfect.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Fire/Day 7 and its Crimson Lining

view from the Channel Islands Visitor Center tower of a smoke plume just beginning to form about 11:00 this morning
view of a big plume--maybe the same one--from my neighborhood 15 minutes later
 Fires make spectacular sunsets. So much destruction and then this beauty.
To the far left is the edge of Santa Cruz Island as the smoke rolls out to meet it