Saturday, June 30, 2018

I showed up for this.

I have been in the worst mood this past week. Not sleeping. Then sleeping during the day. I haven't been to yoga. I haven't shown up for myself in any way. I haven't been reading the manuscript I said I'd read for a friend. Last night I had a gin and tonic and a bowl of nuts for dinner. Tonight ice cream. In my pajamas. At 6 p.m. But I made a sign last night.

And today I showed up for this.

Some days I love my fellow humans. 

Dear fellow compassionate humans, I wish you well.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday Morning Beach Report

Who has time to walk on the beach anymore when gluing one's self to the news seems the most important thing to do? Somewhere in the distance there must be someone or something that can save us. Or so we hope. And hope. And hope. And we are doing things to support those hopes. But still.

We can't see the forest for the trees most days. This story. That story. Personally, I'm obsessed with Paul Manafort. I keep going to the website of the institution where he is jailed to check and re-check that he's still inside.

Meanwhile there is a place called Santa Cruz Island. I'm training to lead hikes there. On this island where there is no cable TV, there is the Channel Islands Fox. This fox is an island dwarf that does not exist outside of the Channel Islands. Smaller than a regular fox--a mere four pounds or so--due to it's fluffiness it appears to be the size of a house cat. There. I hope I've transported you to somewhere else for a moment. Let us ponder how things can get smaller when everything else looms large.

And when things loom large, perhaps we should think of this.

In any event,"my" beach looked like this today.

I hope you are well. Sending love.