Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dinner and Dancing

My mom's favorite vegetable is carrots. The last time I served these red ones, she loved them. I wasn't sure if she'd love them tonight or not. Beloved foods fall by the wayside now and then. Last night she picked every last seed out of her tomatoes (which I'd skinned.) And the little "beans" inside the green beans, she removed too.

I'm happy to say that tonight's veggies were a success. And it appears that salmon is still on her list of edible foods too. I do feel though that anything can be bumped from the list at any moment. Bacon is gone as are Rice Krispies and most soups. In a way it makes cooking easier. She really loves sandwiches and pizza right now.

As for me, I'm going dancing. And post dancing, there'll be a Skype session with the man from Indiana. Still the leash feels short this evening. There's been non-stop moaning for two days, but when I ask if she needs a pain pill or a hot pack, the answer is no. The moaning is unconscious. If I tell her she's moaning, which I don't like to harp on, she says she doesn't know she's doing it. If I timed it, roughly every 3 seconds, she makes a sound. There are three or four sorts of moans in her repertoire. One sounds like pain, another like disgust--kind of an abbreviated "Bah!" as in Bah Humbug, the others sound like little satisfied sounds or maybe like she's surprised. Two days of it non stop. Did I mention that? Maybe I'll keep mentioning it over and over again, okay?

Or maybe I'll just go waltz and rhumba and cha-cha for a couple hours. If my mom could still dance, that would probably help her too.


Elizabeth said...

I love that you go dancing.

The mother of a hummer

S Kay Murphy said...

In her last decade or so, my mom made various moaning sounds. Now that my sister is 63, she has begun making similar sounds. Often. I recently traveled with her. Five hours on a plane with someone who made an "I'm uncomfortable" sound every time she adjusted her position. It seems wholly unsympathetic to complain about it. But dang it's annoying.

N2 said...

Blessings of patience on you, Dear Lady. You are doing hard and valuable work with your mother. So glad that you have Lovelovelove in your life to help balance things out. x0 N2

37paddington said...

Dance! Then Skype!

(Then eat pizza?)