Monday, June 11, 2012

Boat Naming Contest

I am determined to buy a boat.  A somewhat laughable boat, yes, but a boat. And I will learn to drive my little boat.

Here in my marina beige-world community, the boat docks have outlets. I'm going to buy a little electric boat. I might buy a Duffy. Or I might buy an Electracraft. There are quite a few of both of them in the neighborhood.

I wish my name was Virginia so I could name my boat "Ginnny's Tonic." But it's not, and another name change is not in my future,  so other boat names under consideration are:
Moby Dink
The Lucy-Tanya
Non Liki
Mighty Slow
Naughty Us

Morning Becomes (if I buy an Electracraft)

And of course, there's always:

Feel free to send your suggestions. And in fact, I declare this to be a contest--the very first here in Leaving Divorceville! The top 3 contenders will receive a book of essays.


Birdie said...

It has to be Magaritaville!

I also like Zephyr but that is probably very common. If I had a boat I would probably name it Serenity. For you I suggest The Happily Ever After.

Elizabeth said...

HMMMM--I'm going to think about this. I don't think it should be margaritaville, though. Moby Dink is my favorite, so far.

The New Floor Company said...

I join the chorus saying, "It's not here yet."

Wrinkling Daily said...

I want to think on this for a bit. The competition is tough, and I am not clever. In the meantime, let me say that I think it is great that you are buying a boat. Fun, freedom, and wind in your hair!

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Milky Tea said...

The 'Plane Sailing'

The 'Wave If You Do It At Sea!'


The 'Stop Playing 'Sailing' by Christopher Cross'

The 'Timber Me Shivers'

The 'Sea Pooch'

Anonymous said...


(I know, I know, you're not likely to sail in the Windwards, but the word works well with your career as a writer.)

In the same vein: Forwords, as you continue to move forward.


Anonymous said...

Professional opinion: ZOMG, Mom, DO NOT name your boat Naughty (or Nauti or Knotty) ANYTHING. It's so trite it's a joke. I like MerSea a lot, if you're going to go with a pun. Good luck!
Captain C

Joan said...

Am I too late? Has she been christened already? I can't believe nobody has suggested painting her pea green and naming her Runcible Spoon!