Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One year and two and one-half weeks after buying a house in Margaritaville....

I finally made it into a kayak. A borrowed kayak, but yes--a kayak.  In fact, C is visiting, so we borrowed two kayaks.

We paddled a couple of miles, I guess, from the yacht club where we borrowed the kayaks back to my house so we could prove to my mother that we hadn't drowned. "That looks like a lot of work," she said, as if we hadn't realized there were boats with motors.

Not really adept at anything athletic, I thought I might have trouble getting into the kayak from the dock, but both getting in and getting out went smoothly. Paddling went smoothly, and it was a glorious southern California day. A breeze, brilliant sun, blue herons flying overhead. Perfect.

Now I must pad, rather than paddle, down to the kitchen and create some dinner.


Birdie said...

Learning how to kayak is on my bucket list. My brother owns 3 kayaks and goes all the time. I need to quit talking about it and just go.

Ms. Moon said...

Kayaking, if done right, reminds me of walking. It's a beautiful thing. And speaking of beautiful- look at you, glowing and gorgeous in that kayak! I'm so glad you did it.