Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Sunday Report

I may have reached my zenith as a caregiver when I created this--whenever that was.

There were many papers spread out on the kitchen island and on the bed in my mom's old room, and somehow, today,  most of these projects are nearing completion. The things that needed mailing have been mailed, other papers are stored for now in a file box until it seems reasonable to shred them. There is a box of treasures to keep, old photos to organize, and a few things to give away. Leaving this world with such a light load of material possessions is not something I would have predicted for my mom decades ago. I am most grateful. 

 Now, f I can get the U.S. Commemorative Gallery to stop sending their "valuable" collector sets of coins. I sent back their "Eisenhower and Kennedy Golden Dollars" and received a note from them that my mom had pre-paid for them. I may take on a battle with them just to see if I can get any of her hard-earned money back. What a bunch of hucksters. Can you even spend these damn things like regular money? How is it that with dozens of consumer complaints against them, we still let a company like this exist to prey upon the elderly?

I'm in the process of my own estate planning now. Letting my adult children know what is what and what is where. I'm now the family matriarch, I guess....And hoping that I will lighten my load of material goods substantially before I leave the planet. It's all just stuff. And it's stuff that our kids or friends will have to sort through when we leave. Then again, who doesn't like pretty things? I can't even walk by a piece of beach glass without pocketing it.


Ms. Moon said...

Yes. I, too, am so torn between wanting to leave this life with nothing but a sheet to wrap around me and holding on to things that I am not ready to give up.
Well. We are humans. We are imperfect and we do what we do. One time I heard a funeral parlor guy (what do we call them in real life? Morticians) say that no, he had not made all of his arrangements to be painless for his children. They were his children- they needed to deal with these things as part of their grief when he passes.
I have never forgotten that. And yet...
And yet.
What do we do?

Joanne said...

I think children like to go thru their parents' things, just not a lot of junk. So lightening the load is good but not to nothing I'd think.

Allison said...

Yes, you can spend the coins. After Jim's Mom died, we spent an evening cutting them out of their plastic shells. We had asked May why she bought them, she said it was because he bought them, so she had to finish up the series. It's Fraud, pure and simple.

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37paddington said...

I know this process. We are still engaged in it because my mom left a house by the beach that her grandchildren don't want us to sell, so of course it has to be rented, which means we don't have the use of it anyway. We have the landlord overseas landlord headaches, but not the beach. And we pay storage fees for all her prized china and antiques and some art, because none of us has the space in our tiny city apartments or townhouses to take in these orphans. It weighs on my mind. Your mother blessed you by divesting early. I will try to follow her lead.