Saturday, February 11, 2017

I Stand With Planned Parenthood

Today in Ventura, CA:

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I love the signs.

Today was a day of action for the anti-choice folks. I will not call them pro-life. That's like calling Steve Bannon alt-right.  People who are pro-life don't murder doctors and clinic staffers. They don't connive and convince women to put more children into this world where they cut funding for disabilities, education, and health care--including pre-natal health care.

So Planned Parenthood supporters took to the streets too. There were plenty of men as well as women of all ages. I was proud to be there because #IStandWtihPlannedParenthood.

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Ms. Moon said...

Pro-Life. I wonder who came up with that gem?
Good for you, Denise. You're actually out there and making your voice heard.