Thursday, July 27, 2017

What the Yoga Teacher Said, and How the Ocean Is

gratuitous photo of a heron

When you engage your strength on your mat during practice, it helps you be strong when you step off your mat. When you breathe deeply on your mat, you might remember to take a deep breath later in your day when you really need it.

Something like that, anyway. Pretty close. Sometimes I have the feeling that all we can do is paraphrase one another--even if we say the exact words. But no doubt about it, yoga has made me stronger.

And the ocean is the ocean is the ocean. And after five years of living one mile from its shore, I run (not literally) to it to see what it looks like today.

Sometimes it's nice to look the other way.

Beach etch-a-sketch? At first I saw only the straight lines. Then a dog or maybe a horse.

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