Thursday, June 18, 2020

I'm just sitting here watching the houseplants grow

the dining room group
Many loved ones stand on the front lines of Covid-19 and racial justice.
I sit at my desk next to these plants and make things-- Monetary contributions to organizations that I believe will change this f-ed up world; making zines, origami boxes, small handwritten books, hand bound journals, protest posters that will probably not go out into the street.

masu boxes with lids made of hand-marbled paper

While I completely understand that I don't know how to draw, I still like doing it. Go figure.  This is a slipcase for a collection of zines.

coptic binding in progress

I'm growing things on the balcony that I rarely used last year. This year it's an oasis (relative term) despite the noise from the a.c. units next door.

First tomato (and maybe jalapeƱos too) are on the way
So, the houseplants are doing fine. And for those of you who might wonder, I'm not actually drinking myself to death during quarantine. I know. I'm surprised too.

How are your houseplants (dogs, cats, kids, parents, hamsters, chickens) doing? How are you?


Ms. Moon said...

Haven't jumped off any bridges so far so...okay.
Zen and accepting one minute, screaming-in-my-head the next.
That about sums it up.
I'm glad you have plants.

Allison said...

The plants are gorgeous. We consider maybe a snake plant (hard to kill), but I'm still averse to owning things that require care. Your paper creations are just beautiful. Case counts in AZ continue to spike, a trip to the grocery store is life and death these days.

Bohemian said...

How did you know I had Cat, Kid and Hamsters? *Winks* Love your Houseplants, all mine are faux at this juncture. Making a difference during these messed up times in any small way we can matters.

Lilycedar said...

Hanging on, barely.

The plants are lovely and your place looks peaceful.