Thursday, October 15, 2020

I'm just F-ing beside myself. You are too, right?


The news, the news, the news. What if we are on a rocket going backwards? Do we want the rocket to safely splash down in the 1950s, say--or do we want it to explode in mid-air? I'm asking. 

I made the mail art card above for a dear loved one. The king lying under the rock in the lower right hand corner might have been too subtle of a choice. 

Last night the wind roared for hours in Minneapolis. I've lived here in this building for 17 months. The wind last night howled like a monster and shook the things on our balconies.

This is what I see from my balcony at night. Like other things I've more or less taken for granted, it too is in the process of disappearing. A new building is going up. Every day, this vista is one day closer to gone.

This is this week's collage. When I can't follow a thought long enough to write, I cut up paper and make things.


Ms. Moon said...

Is it time to hibernate yet?

Barbara said...

Love your art. And I've been a fan of your writing for lo these many years!
Stay warm. Or come back to LA!! xxoo

Allison said...

Yup, the title pretty much sums it up. I did not know I could sustain this much anger and hate for this long.
That's really unfortunate about the view, I have enjoyed it very much.

The Walkman said...

We need to talk...soon!

The Walkman

Allison said...

I saw this article on New York Times about collage/mosaic work done with postcards. It's pretty cool. Thought you might enjoy it.

Jules said...

Desparate times call for desparate measures. Lovely collage. looks like a cross between a spider and a milkweed seed.