Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm Working On It

The new me will have an MFA. I don't care that I'm too old with too short of a resume to find a "real" teaching job. Whenever that conversation starts and someone asks me why I've gone back to school, I tell them I'm going to teach creative writing in the prisons.  I tell them I have connections.  
The new me will keep in touch with friends. Drop an email, write on a Facebook wall, buy a plane ticket or take a road trip. I'll be the one to suggest lunch or dinner instead of waiting for the phone to ring.
The new me will work harder, review what I've learned more often and try to remember it. I'll read sitting up instead of lying down in bed so the words have a chance to settle into my brain instead of sinking into my pillow and mingling with down and fluff.
The new me will tell my children I love them every time I see them and  in every phone conversation. Every time. Grand children, too. 
The new me will call my mother more often. Even if I have to over enunciate and speak more loudly than I'd like. The new me will visit her at least 4 times a year.
The new me might settle down and stay in L.A.--eventually. Or somewhere else.

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Jules said...

I love the idea of teaching writing in prisons, especially juvinile facilities. I taught fitness classes (yoga, pilates, cardio dance) in a facility here in MN and I learned more than I taught.