Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where I'm At & Where I'm Not

It's and cold, the difference between Vermont and Southern California. Here, chunks of snow are sliding from the roof in the winter sunshine and now there's a crater in the snowbank outside my studio window big enough to lay a body in. I haven't gotten used to the shroud-like masses that plummet past me and thump onto the ground. The maintenance crew here shovels the snow from the flatter rooftops in the complex, and with that image in my head of men on roof-tops, the falling planks of snow scare me every time. NO! I think, and look up expecting to see some crumpled human on the ground.  
I had some imaginings like that about myself some months back and now all of that seems like a very long time ago. I'm in a different state of mind completely one year and seven months since my marriage ended. But still, I feel I have to be careful--the way I am walking on the icy sidewalks here. Pay attention. Look out for the slippery spots. If I pay attention, I won't fall down.

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Jules said...

Even when we're looking we fall down. There is no getting around the falling down we just have to go through it, and maybe that's really the whole point: learning about the nature of falling down. And that we have nothing to fear in falling/failing