Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rules of Disengagement

I met Mr. Ex last evening so we could go to the bank that houses our still surviving joint checking account & deposit our tax return check & then divide the booty. A pleasant encounter in the cornucopia of post-divorce interactions. Or not.

Here are my Rules for Chatting with an Ex-Wife (that you lied to and cheated on and dumped without an ounce of compassion while nearly destroying two beloved daughters as well):
1. Don't mention the new baby you are about to have--especially while emphasizing the word "son."
2. Don't mention the new baby's ultrasound and how great a photo it is.
3. Don't mention that the new baby is kicking a lot and that the new wife is complaining about it.
4. Don't ask if our babies kicked a lot.
5. Don't say the word "baby."  At all.


Elizabeth said...

You know, I HATE this expression, but here goes: Good Fucking God!!!!! What is wrong with the man?

Paula said...

No kidding, what a whack job! Wow, wish I was there to have some wine and tzatziki with you and laugh at what a complete ass Mr. Ex is...

Anonymous said...

If I were him would I do that?
No. Definitely no..
Revenge: the Jimmy Choos will never fit again after this is over...
Remember what hapens to your feet?