Monday, June 15, 2009

Still Together

Someone once told me that one doesn't have to stay married forever, but once you're divorced, you're divorced forever. I didn't get it then. But I do now.
It seems there's always something I need to transact with Mr. Ex. This week, it's the tax refund check made out to both of us, and another financial matter. And I want to ask him if he'll take the dogs while I'm out of town next week (yes, I still have a compulsion to get out of L.A. despite my current romance.) And then there's the fact that his Direct TV account has mistakenly got my mailing address instead of his.
Barely a week goes by, and there's something I have to talk to him about. And then I get irritated, because I hate the sound of his voice so I email him to avoid actually talking to him. But he doesn't get back to me. So I email him again. 
Divorced forever.

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Anonymous said...

Being divorced sucks. It's too bad that when people are doing the things they do that cause the eventual divorce that they can't feel the way they'll feel later. Maybe that would lead to a little communication and re-dedication, a little acknowledgement that marraige can be some work, but that is ok because the alternative