Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I failed to mention that Mr. Ex called me yesterday. Which is to say that he actually returned a call I had made to him.
Fanfare. Fireworks.
He said his attorney would get back to my attorney.
He said we were close to an accord in the division of our joint assets.
He said he thinks he paid the missing attorney fees. He's "checking on it." And that if he didn't make the payment he would.
Any bets on how much longer this is going to take? Let's do one of those sport-type-pool-things where people try to guess the score. I will donate $100.00 dollars to Haiti in the name of the person who comes closest to guessing the date Mr. Ex and I sign our agreement re our joint assets.
Hmmm. That might take a while. I'll just donate the $ to Haiti now  & take the person who is closest to guessing the date out to lunch.
Go ahead. Guess.


Elizabeth said...

June 2010

LG Burroughs said...

October 2010. (sorry for the pessimism)