Friday, August 6, 2010

Divorce and Leprosy

I need a colony. Other divorced people. People who are failing at divorce. People whose ex-spouses won't communicate with them.  No returned calls. No answered emails.  Letters unacknowledged. Won't divide the joint assets.  People who've been expunged from the consciousness of the person they once loved.

Our friends are sick of our oozing unfinished business. Acquaintances avert their eyes on the street and in the supermarket. The rotting stench of leftover grief and anger and eroding self-esteem might as well be stumps of fingers or leftover nubbins of noses and lips. Not fit for polite society.

Our attorneys are sick of us too.  Or sick of our cases anyway. They've tried. They've taken our money. They want a colony too.

Could the colony be in Hawaii? Please?

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stephanie said...

When my parents got divorced, they split everything completely down the middle. It was very fair and balanced. That was probably the first and last time they were fair or balanced about anything. They will not speak to each other now, not at all, and seeing them "together" at my functions (graduations, birthdays, etc.) is pretty awkward. My mom is visibly distressed. My dad will just leave the room. I think what I'm saying here is that it never seems to get better and I wish it would, for my sake and my sister's sake. I don't really know how this is supposed to be a helpful comment, because now I'm kind of bummed out.