Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Autograph

Downtown again, papers in hand for Mr. Ex to sign. His secretary riding a lunch rush elevator between me  in the lobby and Mr. Ex ensconced above us in one of his two offices in a shiny downtown high rise. I had three forms for him to sign. Two versions of a form designed to release me from responsibility for a joint credit card account I haven't used since my alimony began, and a form from an investment account that has been designated as my sole and separate property by an Interim Division of Joint Assets signed, sealed, and delivered by the L.A. Court.  It should have been simple. It wasn't.
Mr. Ex had already signed off on the Interim Division of Joint Assets which awarded a few things to him and a few to me with more yet to be divided if he's ever cooperative enough to do so. The investment firm had already received the official court documents, but they had a little form of their own for Mr. Ex. to sign. "Where are the forms for the things that I get?" Mr. Ex reportedly asked. "I'm not signing her form until she signs forms saying that I get my things."
Um. No forms seem to be necessary for you to get your things.
Poor secretary.
I called my attorney and left a message suggesting we look into a contempt of court filing. I called my financial guy.
About an hour later, thanks to the financial guy, things were sorted out--at least for the investment company's form.
As for the credit card account, Mr. Ex won't divulge his "gross household income"--a necessary number before the credit card company agrees to let him be solely responsible for the account. But I'm not giving up. I'll figure out a way.
Meanwhile, it cost me 13.50 to park. If I asked him to reimburse me, do you think he would?


Elizabeth said...

I am not a person who uses curse words lightly, but your ex is driving me to profanity.

Juggling Eagle said...

Egad! I agree with your friend Elizabeth. Though I AM someone known to talk in pirate, it is ONLY when provoked and/or passionate about that which I am speaking. In my current life of handling not only my own affairs, but those of every other member in my family (down to the minutiae), this man's inability to attend to simple tasks (and ones who's completion would benefit him as well) is mind-blowing. And mind-exploding. And imploding. And any other -owings & -plodings there are. *@*^¥^&@?)!*^%*£^?%£€%#>€%@&$! They say it takes no imagination to swear, but truly creativity can reach great heights in combinations and cleverness when it comes to describing this situation. I am ready for the high seas...send me out, matey.

tinsenpup said...

Sigh... It just shouldn't be that hard.

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Ugh. So difficult. If only you got compensated for your time as well...

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!