Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Ensure Cocktail: Happy hour for skinny senior citizens

"You have to start feeding me more calories!" my mother said. We were in the podiatrist's office talking about her aching feet and how, due to age, the fat pads on her feet have disappeared. The doctor shot me a look that, for a moment, I construed as an admonishment--but then she smiled.

I doubt that anything I feed my mom could put a layer of fat between her shoes and her bone spurs, and no doubt the doctor realizes that. Hopefully the new orthotics will help. Mother Nature is weirdly cruel sometimes. Creaky joints, failing ears and eyes not enough to slow you down? Okay, how about we dissolve the fat in your feet so your bones are practically poking through your skin?

I confess I did go on a bit of a tear though. Tonic water has more calories than plain water, I told my mom. Drink that! I bought her a six-pack of Ensure. Drink one every day! I told her. I bought brandy and creme de cacao and extra ice cream in an attempt change up her cocktail. Her mom liked Brandy Alexanders on those rare occasions when she drank. Give up the martini and drink those! Last night before dinner I garnished her new drink with fresh ground nutmeg. "It was good," she said. And then she went on to tell me she wouldn't really want to drink one every day.

Tonight as she sipped her martini, I googled "Ensure Cocktail" and found THIS. Ha! Anyone care to stop by for a "Sure Thing?"--which is what I plan to call my fabulous concoction:

1 single-serving bottle of Ensure (chocolate or vanilla)
1 small scoop ice cream
1 shot creme de cacao
1 shot Kahlua 

Blend and pour into fancy glass. Dust with cocoa powder if desired.

I'm not sure I can lure her away from her beloved martini, but at least I persuaded her to have a little ice cream tonight before bed. 

What I need is a high calorie drink made with gin. She loves the taste of gin. Suggestions?

photo credit: the purloinedletter.blogspot.com


Ms. Moon said...

I'm pretty sure that anything you mixed with gin that wasn't tonic or juice would be disgusting.
Does she like bacon? Not to mix with gin, just to eat.

Steph(anie) said...

No foot-fat-pads and no appetite? Nature is just mean.

Elizabeth said...

Good lord.

Elizabeth said...

Or how about gin balls instead of rum balls?

And my CV was "naused"

Allison said...

If the orthotic is not full length, or is not sufficiently cushy, Spenco pads are the best. A bad surgeon robbed me of my fat pads in my right foot, and it's really painful. Unfortunately, all the bacon in the world will not put them back.

zerry ht said...

Nice post!! I had been to a cocktail party at one of San Francisco venues and was very happy to see different kind of cocktails there. Enjoyed and liked them all. Was very happy to be a part of that amazing party.