Thursday, November 18, 2010

Adrenaline, Addiction, and Jerks

I don't watch TV. I have basic cable though--for house guests--and because I always think that maybe I'll watch a movie some night when I'm home alone. But I never do. Until a couple of nights ago. My body was (and is) still supercharged with adrenaline from an anxiety attack, so  I've been working on some couch time under a blanket with a stack of old New Yorkers and a cup of tea. Two nights ago I watched The Kids Are All Right. Last night: Freakanomics. Tonight I got better acquainted with the Pay per View menu. There are other categories beyond "drama," "comedy" and "romance." My cable company has a category called, "Battle of the Exes." At first I suspected I might be hallucinating or  having some kind of psychotic break, but no, there really is a category of movies about break-ups and the conflict that ensues. The list includes Fatal Attraction and the Kill Bill movies, but I went with Addicted to Love. Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick in a revenge/comedy/romance. I was entertained.

There are other categories that I was unaware of: "Single Ladies," and "Political Thrillers." And two categories  that might have some overlap--"Thankful Flicks," and "Thanksgiving Movies." Really, I'm not making this up.

I'm thankful that Meg Ryan fell out of love with the jerk who used her and fell in love with someone sweet.

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Elizabeth said...

The picture of you in my head, under your blanket watching cheesy break-up movies makes me want to laugh and cry. Is there a category of I hate marriage but will probably stay married movies?