Saturday, January 1, 2011


Long ago I had powerful dreams that proved to be accurate premonitions. I dreamed my father died--that he had a heart attack while I was away at college--and he did. I had a series of  negative dreams about a college acquaintance I eventually lived with for a while in L.A--rather disastrously.

Then for years there was a dream drought. Now the dreams are coming like the rain.

Two nights ago I dreamed I was at a party with my daughter M.'s high school basketball team. "Where's M's dad?" her friend Niki asks me. We're in a gym and there's dance music and flashing party lights. I have to shout over the din. "He left me for a younger woman," I say. We're surrounded by  a crowd of people--basketball players, teachers, parents. A few feet away, M. is standing in a brightly lit area, and I see she's holding a glossy Christmas card with color photos. There's a big headshot of Mr. Ex's little boy with his name under it. Across from this picture is an empty box inscribed with "HD xx 2012." I puzzle over the symbols. Another baby, I think. Huge Dumb Girl. His Daughter. Harriet something....they're naming the baby Harriet? She will arrive in 2012.

But it's only 2011 now.
Happy New Year, Everyone!


Elizabeth said...

Ugh. Why don't you set your mind to some lucid dreaming and dream a little dream for me -- something good, though. No heart attacks or large babies!

@jencull said...

Oh wow, I get those kind of dreams too and they freak me out a bit. Will be watching this space next year!! Jen

Ms. Moon said...

Hello, Ms. Ex. I am visiting you and am grateful that you visited me because it led me here. You are so prolific! I hope you dream of many good things for you this new year.
I dream of ghosts in a house which I inhabit in my dreamworld. They only live in half of the house and we only go in that part to use the bathroom. Anything else is a bit too scary.
I am sure this says something about me and my life but frankly, I don't care to explore that either.