Friday, January 28, 2011

Real Estate Queen

In the dream I’ve bought a house. Its paint job is the color of the “flesh” crayon —but I can change that, I think. Inside it’s just plain weird, but in sort of a good way. The sellers are middle-eastern, perhaps, and they’ve gone nuts with mosaic type effects in all the wooden surfaces. The kitchen floor is wavy tiger stripes of different woods. There are actual tiger-in-the-jungle murals composed of  wood on a couple of the kitchen cabinets. Other patterns, too—harlequin and checkerboard, but those are more muted, and it’s all so weird and exotic that it might actually work if we can just get rid of the tigers, I think. 

I want to show the house to my friends, so they follow me through the hills in a separate car to get there. I’ve seen these hills in other dreams. They wind around and around, and there are mansions tucked away where you can barely see them, but I always get lost. I’m lost again, and I’ve lost my friends so I get out of my car and walk to a high point on a little path that turns out to be someone’s yard. “Hello,” I call to the man I see below me. "I’m lost, but I’ve bought a house somewhere around here.” The man and I talk for a minute, but I can't remember what we said.

Despite being in the hills, my house is on a wide street. There’s some kind of  plateau around here—if I can just find it. When I look over the edge from the path, I see Tina and the rest of my friends puled over to the side of the road standing outside their car. I know she’d like to get un-lost because she probably wants a cup of coffee. I call down to her, “On the very bottom shelf of my freezer, there’s a large zip-lock bag. It’s got some Starbucks Christmas Blend in it,” I say. And then I figure they'll get back to my place on their own. I want to go to my new house.

Finally I find it. There are four or maybe even five bedrooms. I choose the one with an east-facing window. C. and M. won’t want the sun waking them, I think. Now I’m so excited that I get some of the things I've packed into my car and begin to move in, but then it occurs to me that we haven’t actually closed the deal. We’ve only made an offer. I don’t think of this until I’m about to set my jewelry box in the room. I think about hiding it in a drawer, and then I realize the sellers are only leaving some of the furniture--not all of it. When one of the daughters of the seller appears, I greet her. She’s thin with black hair and has a hijab pulled off her head and resting on her shoulders like a cowl. When she smiles I see that her two front teeth are green porcelain outlined in gold. It’s off-putting at first, but I get used to it. The green is almost translucent and I begin to find it beautiful. I tell her I’m jumping the gun, but I’m so excited about the house, and I hope she doesn’t mind. She doesn’t seem to mind at all. Soon I’m puttering around in the room again and find a religious cloth of some sort. Woven in blue and black. There are symbols and maybe the Blessed Virgin. Ooh. I hope they leave that, I think. I’m more and more excited about this place. The floors are beautiful with all their colors of wood. And my room has a curving built-in couch. It faces the windows and the bed is set above the rest of the room on a platform. It's a beautiful place. I've got to call Bob (my real estate agent) and close the deal.

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