Friday, April 29, 2011

Coming Soon: A New Piece in The Rattling Wall

I like how things connect.

Here I am at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts finishing up a month-long residency. I was here, also, back in the fall of '08 just after Mr. Ex and the Little Missus got married. November 1st was my last night, and I posted THIS. I still love that Tony Hoagland poem.

May 1st will be the last night of this residency, and May 1st (or maybe it's the 11th?) is the day a piece of mine comes out in THE RATTLING WALL. Tony Hoagland will have some work in that issue too.

There will be a sampling of writers from the May issue reading at The Hammer Museum on May 11, and again at the Silver Lake Jubilee. I will not be reading at the Hammer, though there is a small chance that I might read in Silver Lake. The title of my essay is "Stones and Bones."

Mr. Ex and I used to live in Silver Lake. The more I think about it, I'd say there were problems, even then.

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Elizabeth said...

Some people say there are no accidents, but I'm not sure, preferring the idea of precariousness, chaos and us, connecting the dots where we may --