Friday, May 6, 2011

Home Again

At the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts I woke to bird song--which doesn't describe it at all. Think Hallelujah Chorus.

At my brother's place, I always wake listening for the hiss and hum of my mom's nighttime oxygen machine. If the house is silent, I know she's at the table with her first cup of coffee, that first cigarette already smoked.

Here at home I wake to---oh, it pains me to admit it, but I wake to woe. The local flock of crazed parrots does its fly-by and my brain starts to squawk too. Attorney bill, broken dryer, what about the whitefly infestation, can I actually go get  my hair cut or will Layla get stuck in the dog door, did I call the termite guy or have I thought about it so much that I only think I called the termite guy, should I get a housemate to help cover my expenses?

Really, Mr. Fortune Cookie writer, I don't think it's possible to concentrate too much on one thing. If it's the right thing.


Dawna said...

I wonder if there is ever resolution. My husband is deciding whether to leave me or not. God, why don't they just take the rejected wives to the pound and put them to sleep?
Denise, come to the Midwest. Move out of expensive California. Let's make an Alum web site with the MFA program.

Do you ever follow the website, Divorce360?

Elizabeth said...

I hate fortune cookies that don't tell you a real fortune but give you cryptic advice. They bug me.

Have you ever threw the I Ching? If not, it's time. We can do it together.

I miss you.

Tanya Ward Goodman said...

lovely friend. welcome back. such a long road. can i walk your dog or kill your whiteflies or anything? I'm awesome with laundry too (loads (Ha!) of experience.)