Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lost on the Beach

We were supposed to meet on the beach--my son and his family and I. But through a misunderstanding and a rash of dropped cell phone calls, (did people really manage to meet each other without cell phones?) we missed each other, and my first beach walk in two weeks turned out to be a solitary one.

It was still fun. This being a holiday weekend, the normally unpopulated beach had some unusual sights and a few more common ones.

These hula dancers were posing for a photo shoot, but the wind kept blowing their headdresses askew.

Boomerang aficionados. Poor dog. What happened to fetch, he's wondering.

And of course there were surfers.

And fishermen.

And jet skiers.

I think, today, if I could have changed places with any of them, I might have chosen to be a hula dancer. They actually danced a bit. Hula's classic moves seem just right with the waves as a backdrop.


Ms. Moon said...

And hips are like waves and wind and what a beautiful walk you let us come with you on.
Thank you. Soul-food.

Elizabeth said...