Sunday, July 7, 2013

Watt the $%*#?

The power went out last night just a few minutes after I slipped into a pretty blissful sleep. The beeping of the alarm on my mom's oxygen machine confused me; I thought it was my phone telling me I had a text message, but it was so dark in my room, I couldn't find my glasses to see the screen on my phone. By the time I figured out what was going on, my son was already knocking at my bedroom door. He'd already checked on my mom who said she was okay, and then he and his wife and I  went through the house setting my battery laterns into strategic spots. I didn't really care why the power had gone on the fritz.

Maybe ten minutes later I awoke to a light shining in my eyes. The lamp I'd turned on in my confusion to see my phone was lighting up my bedroom. Okay, I thought, good. My mom will probably sleep better with her oxygen. Back to sleep. Until the phone rang. It was Southern California Edison telling me there'd been a power outtage in my area. Oh thanks, but a little late, I thought. Back to sleep. For a minute. Then  I received a text from SCE letting me know about the unscheduled power outtage. I was a little riled up by this time, but with a little deep breathing, I could feel myself drifting into the bliss again. Ring. Now it's SCE letting me know that the power should be back on soon. (It's already on, remember?) Darn. I grumble my way back to slumber. Buzzzzz. Now SCE is texting me, letting me now the power will be back on soon. 

I took a long nap today. The next time the power goes out, I will uplug my land line and turn off my cell phone. What sort of power-drunk maniacs are making the decisions at SCE?


Suz said... always make me giggle

Ms. Moon said...

It's the same here- the power company keeps calling to tell you shit you already know. The power's out. The power's on.
Thanks, power company!