Friday, September 19, 2014

What I've learned so far on Maui

Besides the fact that it's stunningly beautiful...

...coconuts can fall on your head. 

There are flocks of chickens everywhere presided over by fancy roosters.

And there are fabulous birds. Java sparrows. Myna birds. White cattle egrets that are almost as tame as pets. Gray francolins. And this guy--a red-crested cardinal. 

It's harder to snorkel in the surf than it is off a boat that's anchored somewhere calm. 

It's hot.

I hate sunscreen. But when threatened with sunburn, I willingly slather it on like it's my new religion.

Did I mention it's hot?

My friend Paula's family and other friends are just as awesome as she is.


Allison said...

Sunscreen is your friend. We would always snorkel in a tee shirt. It looks totally stupid, but it saves your back.

Ms. Moon said...

What beautiful lessons you are learning!
Why don't we all live on Maui?

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad that you're snorkeling and swimming and sunning in Hawaii. I'll try not to be envious.