Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Beach Report: Majesty and Macabre Wreckage

This is the majesty.

This is the wreckage.

It looks as though there was a great undersea fire and the blackened remains were disgorged on the sand.

Mostly natural materials with birds sifting through the detritus.

Lots of driftwood looking like petrified serpents.

But plenty of manmade crap in the tangle. Lots of one-eyed sunglasses.

 I believe this is called holdfast. It has let go.


Ms. Moon said...

No matter how many times in my life I have walked on a beach, every time I do it again I see something I've never seen before. Something I cannot begin to explain.

Elizabeth said...

I just love that last sentence and photo above --

lily cedar said...

I miss the beach, the sound, the smell, the sights. Sigh.

It's never the same walk twice.