Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Beach Report




And in other news, I have not fucked up a single thing yet today. Yesterday there was more bad phone juju. I went off for my full day (as in 8 hours--not 24)  off from caregiving, and left my phone at home. I hurried back to get it and then went back to the charming little spot on the water I'd almost gotten to for breakfast. It was closed.

But my life is ship-shape (ahem.) If that's the ship that I think it is, there's a piece of my past on it. I believe it's this very same boat as this one:

That's daughter C, second from right. The Someone and I were on that boat (he took the wonderful photo) a million years ago. And if you're a longtime reader of this blog, you know that the marriage ran itself on the rocks not too long after that, and that this blog had a rather charming and funny name shortly thereafter, which due to a restraining order, I stopped using. The Someone is referred to only as the Someone due to the same restraining order. And my, what a lifetime ago that seems. No matter how hard the caregiving situation is here in Margaritaville, I think I'd keel over (ahem, ahem) if I ever again had to return to the no-man's land (that might be a seafaring term too) of life with a husband who shunned me.


Not Blank said...

Glad you're getting some time off.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh Lord but you need and deserve a few hours off. That boat- what a strange and wonderful coincidence! What a reminder of how horrible it was to live with a husband who shunned you. I can't imagine anything worse.
Okay, sure, I can. But not much. No, darling. Not much.

Elizabeth said...

That picture really and truly makes me seasick.

P.S. You are so damn funny, and I love it when you curse.