Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pillville to Become Clothing Optional

"I've been cold all day," my mother said as she shuffled around the kitchen after dinner.
"Well, the air-conditioning was on when I came back home at noon."
"Well, I didn't touch it."

 I didn't belabor the point. Maybe the caregiver goofed, but since she's a regular, I doubt it. My mom studied the above note intently off and on all day. It's a new addition to the many notes around the house that help the caregivers. Notes on the coffee canister. Notes on the microwave on how long to nuke each of our five microwave hot packs. If I leave a grocery list on the counter, my mom can linger over it like it's a novel.

So I'm hoping it will be more temperate here in Pillville with the addition of my most recent note. But we are now clothing optional in case 74 or 75 is just too hot for you. Or you could remember to pack a thong if you visit. Or maybe I should stock thongs in the guest bath the way I have sunscreen and bathrobes and extra toothbrushes and toothpaste.

The other main topic of discussion today was the hummingbird feeder.

My brother and I hung it outside the dining room directly across from her chair. It's been getting an occasional visitor, but just a couple of sips and the bird is off. Tonight at my mom's urging I made some homemade nectar.

Is this a refrigerator that belongs to a couple of old ladies or what?

I will be sure to fill the feeder with the new stuff early tomorrow before she wakes up. Yesterday the recycling mysteriously made its way outside to the trash bin. I can never be sure what she's going to do to try to help out. 

So now that the relatives have gone back to Iowa, we'll be ready for more visitors soon. Wouldn't you like to be a regular (Ahem. See above photo.) visitor? 


37paddington said...

Your notes are wonderfully clear. I'm glad you have caregivers helping out now.

Ms. Moon said...

If that's the menu for regular visitors, you could definitely tout yourself as a weight-loss/cleanse spa.
Cracked me up.

Steph(anie) said...

I love being regular :)
You should come to my office and see if you can make sense of our goofy thermostat.