Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I'm home and it looks like this:

I live in a beautiful place. I am now free to enjoy the sunsets on the sand as well as the morning. My mother continues to do well in the nursing home. I've purchased tickets for a November visit. My brain is re-booting itself as it shuts down the hyper-vigilant caregiver mode. What's next? I ask myself and then remember that I have not yet succeeded at getting my mom onto Medicaid. We're close. I hope. Meanwhile, I've sent a boatload of money off to Iowa to pay the first bill. I'm still in charge of her finances--paying her insurance premiums, her credit card, handling end-of-life arrangements, thinking ahead while looking behind and all the while blessing every present moment whether my feet are in the sand or under my desk.


Ms. Moon said...

I think you have done so well to drift back to your own home, yet a different reality. So much better than slamming into it.
I love thinking of you, enjoying those sunsets while your mother enjoys visitors and her less isolated life.
You have done very, very well by her. for yourself.

Elizabeth said...

It's good to hear this, Denise. I hope you can come south for a spell soon! We've missed you at Books and Bakes!