Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesday Morning Beach Report

The ocean all froth and foam, waves booming like cannon fire, still this skua sits unperturbed.

Me? My feathers have been a bit ruffled by the incessant wind. Wind chimes clanging more than chiming, the roots of my hair hurting after a walk. It's cold in my southern California house when the wind blows. What lovely first world problems.

I had to cancel my T'ai Chi Chih class on Sunday due to wind. You can see a brief video HERE. (Scroll down to Sunday.) But maybe stop by that piece from the New York Times titled, "Brawn and Brains." That's why none of us blew over.

How's the weather where you are?


Ms. Moon said...

Warm, gray, muggy and a bit windy. But nothing you'd have to cancel a Tai-Chi class for.

Joanne said...

In the 80's in Guadalajara where I'm doing a few days of work. Kind of miss the wind in L. A.

Elizabeth said...

I've missed you, dear friend. What's up?