Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Evening Beach Report

tonight's sunset 
Maybe the world works differently than you imagined.

Maybe your aged mother goes to live in a nursing home and you think Medicaid will throw itself into gear. Everyone is so nice. The social worker at the nursing home. The case worker at Human Services. Surely everyone wants what you want which is that your mother is cared for and that the expenses for that are covered since her money is as gone as the sun at midnight. But maybe not. Maybe the gears of the system move slowly for a reason. The nursing home gets more money from private pay clients than it does from Medicaid patients. Slow equals dough.

Maybe you have no idea how the world works. None at all.

What you know is this: That when the sun goes down, the sky turns red, turns gold, turns colors there are no words for and those colors fill your eyes, float over your skin, let your soul know that you are alive. And how can it be that while your mother lived here, you could not once, not ever, even with the lure of a martini in a travel mug, convince her to watch the sunset from the sand?


Elizabeth said...

A question for the ages -- and aged.

Ms. Moon said...

This makes me feels sad and guilty because my mother, for all of her difficulties, would have been on that sand every night she could have.

Allison said...

My sister in law is a former hospital case manager, who knows how to work the system's arcane requirements. She is having difficulty getting my brother on Medicaid. The stuff they want to know is just stupid. Good luck with it, I hope you prevail quickly.