Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Jacaranda Trees in Bloom at Grand Park, Los Angeles
I rode the train into downtown L.A. today.
Time travel.
There I was at the Oxnard train station, walking along the platform where two years ago, I would have met Dan as he stepped off the train, coming to see me for the weekend.  
Time travel.
There I was with a ticket marked "senior fare." As if I'd been asleep and awakened to find myself a senior citizen (by Amtrak standards anyway.)
Time travel.
I swear this park didn't exist the last time I was downtown, its wide swath of trees and fountains leading directly to the Music Center.
Time Travel.
It's Mother's Day. Last year I had a mother to celebrate with. This year I do not.
You go along and you go along, and then all of a sudden you are without the people you can't imagine being without. You yourself are old enough to get the senior discount, and a technicolor park emerges from the gray cityscape of the City of Angels.
There's nothing to be done but weep and celebrate, drink champagne, eat escargot and mussels with  the beautiful young woman who was once a baby in your arms and take the train back home.


Ms. Moon said...

Beautiful. True. All so very, very true.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful written. So true.

37paddington said...

I thought of you on Mother's day. This is hauntingly beautiful and unbearably true.

Elizabeth said...

This is beyond beautiful.