Monday, October 17, 2016

Worry Moon

The moon was a magician's trick last night. It might've been the brightest moon I've ever seen, and the clouds were streaked with pink and yellow. I've been in and out of the clouds myself lately, worrying about all the big things one worries about. 

It'll be nine years this holiday season since the last set of pre-divorce holidays. I've tried to let go of expectations. Sometimes that effort pops out of the oven like a perfect turkey, sometimes not. 

This year I'm going to be in Las Vegas on the 25th floor above "the strip" with dear friends. We'll be able to see for miles. A good metaphor, I guess for taking the long view of things. I'm looking forward to this meal and the other friends and family I'll see on the road trip. 

But here I am, more than a month in the future. The worry bus. Free transportation to the future. 

Here's what today looked like. 

Lifeguard stations running for their lives. I had to run too. Dry pants are nice way to enjoy the present moment. 


37paddington said...

It sounds like a good future you're living into. Sometimes, that helps us get through the moments.

Judith said...

Pluck, n. spirited and determined courage.

An old-fashioned word, I know. But having just spent three days reading your entire blog from the beginning, this is the word that fits.