Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Monday Beach Report

Yes. It's Tuesday, I know. But this is the way the beach looked yesterday around 9 in the morning. I find the other worldly beauty of a gray day full of magic.

And there was beach glass. Lots of it.

In other news, life just keeps happening. (This is a good thing, mostly, if you leave the current political nightmare out of it.) But I'm going to Chicago for a funeral tomorrow. The holidays are barely registering with me, though I still hope to put up a Christmas tree with my mom's crocheted snowflakes when I return. A dear friend will be staying at my house while I'm away, and will continue to stay on for a bit after my return. Who knows maybe some festive fury will overtake me.

last year's tree
But...so far I'm not really feeling it. Did you know that the Christmas holidays are actually a risk factor for death? According to CNN, "There's a spike in deaths for all age groups on those days with one exception -- children." So maybe we should avoid it like smoking and cholesterol and too much sitting. I'd like to see those studies about Christmas and dying to look more closely into how shopping figures in. I'll bet non-shoppers have a better outcome. That's my story anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

Christmas long ago. I think I was maybe 12.
One thing's for sure, I'm really glad to be among the living.


Ms. Moon said...

I just wrote about shopping for the grandchildren and it was so easy because my daughter knew exactly what they wanted and all I had to do was pay for it and I also wrote about how NOT GUILTY I am going to feel waking up in Mexico on Christmas morning.
It's going to be glorious.

37paddington said...

Christmas without your mom. There may be tears and that's ok. I could barely face my first christmas without my mom. The tree sat in our living room, undecorated till Christmas eve when my daughter took matters into her own hands. My friend, who is a therapist, does a roaring business during this season. Take is slow. Sending love.