Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday Morning Beach Report Post Women's March

Clouds copying the shape of Santa Cruz Island

Snowy Plovers hunkered down in any old depression in the sand that they find (in this case, footprints)  This is probably why they're endangered. A little more planning and forethought  would be better. 
The dredging operation in the harbor seems to be churning up food for the gulls and skuas.  They seem quite a bit larger and way more complacent than normal.

I'm resolving not to be complacent, choosing wisely where to direct my energy, and looking for good examples. I plan to keep my pussyhat visible.

Do you know about the  POSTCARDS? You don't have to print them in color. Black and white is way cheaper.

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S Kay Murphy said...

When you think about it, it doesn't take much to continue to be an activist, even if it's one small gesture in the course of each day--a postcard or letter sent, a blog post forwarded or shared, a tweet re-tweeted. This is how we remain a community. This is how we push those grassroots way, way down in the soil. Just wait until Spring. It's gonna be something.