Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What to Pack for the Women's March on Washington: Part Two/ the roller bag

My Equal Writes t-shirt from Shebooks seems like a no-brainer. Wooly stuff may not be necessary given the weather predictions, but I'm taking one sweater and some wool leggings, just in case. But honestly, it's gray and 59 degrees here in paradise right now; it's only supposed to be a few degrees cooler in D.C. on Saturday. Snow boots? probably unnecessarily heavy. A polar fleece hat with an attached balaclava?! Nah. It's weird though...that warm-ish weather. But lucky. Very lucky.

A few years ago, I barely made it make to CA between Snowmageddon and Snowpocalypse.

BWI airport in 2010 when the snowplow had to drive up to the roof of the parking structure in order to dump its load of snow on top of the pile.

View from my brother's front door in suburban Baltimore.


37paddington said...

yeah, that warmish winter weather can be damp and chilly to the bone. best to prepare. thank you for walking for us all.

S Kay Murphy said...

Was just going to say what 37paddington said: Thank you for walking for us all--for taking deep breaths and flying anyway... for leaping out of your comfort zone... for caring enough to spend the precious coins... for being willing to be physically cold or uncomfortable in other ways... for all of us who won't/can't/didn't. Much love is going with you, Denise. Much, much love!

roth phallyka said...

thank you for walking for us all.