Wednesday, August 2, 2017

One more divorce post. Then onward.

I ran across this the other day. It made me laugh out loud. I made it some time in the early months of chaos.


Anonymous said...

I'm also approaching my 10 year divorceversay. Let's see: I was married at 23, was married for 33 years and I'm now 66. After my divorceversay , I won't be able to say I wasted half of my life with him. Maybe in another 10 years I won't be so bitter about it all. Stay strong!

37paddington said...

I left a comment but don't see it now. I was on my phone so perhaps it went awry. In the comment I said how funny that collage is, and that you were probably all those woman at some point in the journey, and perhaps sometimes all of them at once!

Sharon in Surrey said...

I had to laugh at your Post!! It isn't often obvious until you get past the emotional turmoil, that being on your own isn't a bad thing. I love being single. The Ex is still around, we go to lunch most Fridays but it took time to get there. I think we stay in relationships waaaay past their expiration date. Past the 'love' part into the 'hate' part or maybe the 'indifference' part because of FEAR. Fear of being alone, fear of being poor, fear of losing & fear of something NEW. What about the JOY of doing what you want, when you want?? And the selfishness of having it all for yourself. That's ME. It's all for ME. And I'm 66 too.