Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Kitchen Sink's Best Time of Day

I walked into the house an hour ago and found the kitchen sink ready for its glamour shot.

It made me think of the pictures my friend Elizabeth has posted of her bathroom on her blog.

I guess we all have our moments.

My window ledge is full of beach treasures, fortunes from fortune cookies, and plastic musical instruments. If you zoom in you can see a metal tag that I picked up off the sand. It says "Joy Equipment Protection." Joy definitely needs to be protected. So protect yours, okay?


Ms. Moon said...


S Kay Murphy said...

We keep our paper towels in the same place, on a standing holder to the right of the sink.

We have the same sliding vinyl window.

I don't have artifacts from the ocean... I have rocks. Whenever I find a chunk of malachite while out walking Thomas, I pick it up, shove it in my pocket, and bring it home and leave it by the kitchen sink. "Someday" I will get a professional grade rock tumbler....

Love the sand dollars!

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