Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Peace of the Wild Things in Coronaville

Turns out there's a heron rookery five miles from my condo.There's something very moving about watching herons touch one another's beaks when you can't shake another human's hand.

And here's a library in a beautiful historic building. Maybe I'll go there one day.

This a is a restaurant I meant to go to. You can have a cocktail on the ferris wheel. Or you could--you know, back in the day when people did those things.


Ms. Moon said...

Strange times. Strange times indeed.

Julesarose said...

I love Pierre Bottineau library set inside the old brewery. And Betty Danger's ferris wheel, but I can't bring myself to pay $11 just to get on the ferris wheel. Everyone who has done it says it was SO worth it, but honestly, they kinda have to say that after shelling out that kind of money just for the ride, don't they? I'd rather get a table inside, next to the fireplace and snack on Margarita's, chips and salsa while keeping my toes warm. Have you checked out the boat landing at Psycho Suzi's. It's my Dad's favorite haunt even before he died. We spent many a sunny summer afternoon munching deep fried asparagus, sipping exotic cocktails and watching the barges load and unload across the river. Heaven on earth. And the deck is the one of the best places to watch the full moon rise over the water.