Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hey there, How's it going?

My little condo is in grave danger of being turned into a rainbow.  So far, I've done this.

The green looks nice with the balcony cushions. And the green will be especially nice during the winter, I think. The balcony is coming along nicely. There's a nice wooden bench now. And the pansies are finally raising their heads above the rims of the pots. A dinner party for four! Oh...wait...

I've also done this. Ditto the winter thing.

The kitchen is already bright enough. When the sun shines in at its afternoon angle, it looks psychedelic in there. I'm resolving NOT to put color anywhere else.

Instead of painting, I'm going to go back to demonstrating when I need something to do. Today I staged a protest at the Guthrie.

Honestly, if I see another anti-lockdown, anti-mask protester carrying a sign that says My Body, My Choice, I may totally lose my shit.
What's pushing you to the brink? There are so f-ing many things, right?


Allison said...

Well, there is the whole lack of response to the pandemic. The orange man's removal of career officers in the Pentagon to be replaced with the likes of that general who sexually harassed and threatened a woman who was in his chain of command makes me nuts. Firing of the IGs is making me crazy. The orange man is back promoting hydroxychloroquine, which I just do not understand. Apparently all of the negative studies of it were fabricated by democrats. The general corruption and incompetence of the Republican party is making me angry all the time. Other than that, things are fine!
Your deck looks divine, love the bench and the colors. Also love your painting projects, that was ambitious, painting a ceiling.

Elizabeth said...

I'm completely over the brink at this point. I wonder if I'll find my way back?

Jules said...

Stunning to see all the new colors. Ambition becomes you.