Saturday, July 25, 2020

And here we are.

old dishes that belonged to my mom

I'm well. Are you well?
I'm not really okay, though. I suppose you're not either.

I have candy dishes now. And I walk by and eat a piece 10 million times a day.
I hope my teeth don't fall out. How are your teeth?

French peach cake from Joy of Cooking
I bake things. I could bake ten million things and eat them all.

New shelf/bench in my dining room

This is my addition to my dining room. I frequently have 10 million guests at my 10 million dinner parties. So now there's extra seating.

This is orizomegami--the Japanese art of dying paper.

I have 10 million sheets of paper in this condo--handmade, dyed, marbled--suminagshi and Turkish. I think in another life I was a wasp and made my house out of paper.

What were you in your other life?


Sandra said...

I think I was a scullery maid since I don't mind housework.

Elizabeth said...

I was a contemplative who read books all day and drew illuminated manuscripts. I hated everyone in the outside world.

Ms. Moon said...

I was the cook at a lumberjack camp and fed ten million men a day.

37paddington said...

I have candy dishes from my mother that look just like yours! In my last life I was a sailor and my husband was my wife and we had 13 children. No joke, a past life reader once told me this. Now he reads novels about the age of sail and I couldn’t care less. Makes me believe the reader could have been on to something though.

Julesarose said...

I was a visual artist, then a professional dancer. Fitness instructor, massage therapist and now I'm back to being a painter!