Friday, January 1, 2021

Persnickety Lemon moves from a condo to a house


I bought a lemon tree this past spring and set it on my condo balcony where it grew taller and and blossomed. It wasn't thrilled when I brought it inside just before the first frost. I noticed it was beset with white fly, and so sprayed it with sulfur in my condo bathtub. Twice. It protested. 

Then I protested, deciding condo life was not for me for a myriad of reasons. My brother M. didn't seem surprised when I told him. "You need dirt," he said. My daughter C. said that I was one of those people who just need to be "in charge of my shit." Okay. 

So Persnickety Lemon and I moved. Moving is never fun. Moving during a pandemic is fraught with complications.

I stood on the balcony while the movers took everything away. I opened all the windows in the new house while the movers brought the things inside. Persnickety Lemon does not have a parka and was not happy about the open windows on moving day. Or the open windows the day the painters came.

I am not happy that my furniture is way too big for this little 1950s house and that the dining room table fills the whole main room and the only place for a couch is in the basement. But I'm going to make some changes. And Persnickety Lemon is going to get some new leaves.

There are many things to like here.

Like the sunrise in my picture window.

And my utterly charming backyard with its sturdy shed. I can see that red door from my bedroom window, and it looks like a beacon of possibility.

Happy 2021 to you. I wish you good health.


Ms. Moon said...

I have to admit that it was unsettling to me to think of you in a condo in the city. I am glad you have some dirt now.

Lilycedar said...

Dirt is a very good thing, for all of us. I'm glad the move went well and things will work out, as they always do. Stay safe.

Allison said...

Congratulations on acquiring dirt! Good luck with furniture placement and all of that which comes from moving.

37paddington said...

Yes! You need dirt under your feet, trees outside your window. You’ll organize the furniture bit by bit, but how exciting to set everything up anew. I’m happy for you.

Barbara Abercrombie said...

Happy House! Happy New Year! Let's catch up by email soon.
Sending love - Barbara

Jules said...


Elle Clancy said...

This is fantastic. And fairy lights make everything better, I think.