Monday, May 25, 2009

Nothing Compares to You

I'm a mess, I admit it.  
The road trip is over.  I'm about to board a plane and fly back to L.A. where I will be "home" for 36 hours before I board a plane to Greece. I've left my daughter M. in St. Paul for what we are calling her first "grown-up summer." She's almost 2o and she will live in my condo, drive the car her dad has handed down to her and work a  9-5 internship tutoring inner city kids. For the next few days she will be hosting her brother, his wife and their 3 kids and putting her first household in order.
Meanwhile, I feel like I've come almost full circle. I became a blogger after my trip to Greece last fall--when I left the country to be as far away as I could manage when Mr. Ex got re-married. I'm returning for a writing workshop + hiking with the author Meredith Hall  and I have fallen completely in love with the man I've been dating since December.
Here's how I know:
M. found little to appreciate on my ipod during our long drive from California to St. Paul EXCEPT for Sinead O'Connor's hit Nothing Compares to You. We played it a couple of times every few hundred miles. Mr. Ex liked this song and when the two of us were driving in the car together when it came on the radio in the 80s or 90s or whenever that was, he'd sing along and put his hand on my knee.
On this trip, I remembered that and there was an interesting pang, but I didn't really care.  All I could think of was the man I'm going home to.
I am very, very lucky. 
And a mess.

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Elizabeth said...

remember that the pangs are only interesting. nothing more.

i can't wait to hear about Greece -- hopefully, you'll blog from there? with photos?