Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Things Don't Make Any Sense

"Hi Beautiful," is what the guy I'm dating says to me when he recognizes my caller I.D. & picks up his phone. Or sometimes, in a surprised voice as though he's been looking for me everywhere, "There
you are!"
Mr. Ex used to answer his phone, "Is this going to be long or short?"
So why did I wake up this morning thinking I was still married & I was in the bed Mr. Ex & I shared? Why did I hear wild parrots outside & the clatter of dog toenails on our wooden floor?
Some things don't make any sense at all.


Elizabeth said...

Yes. Go figure.

Jules said...

This waking up, or falling asleep thinking you are still with him drives me nuts! And then there is the dreaming about him, and then waking up to an empty bed and remembering and feeling like something must be wrong with me....ho-hum. It's great practice for not judging myself, telling my self that I'm wrong, that I shouldn't feel this way or that way or have this thought or that thought...

Indian wedding said...

You are absolutely right that something do not make any sense. But as I believe that everything has its own importance so even if something do not make any sense then also it has importance.